FloodNet Links

GeoData Institute
The GeoData Institute is a University of Southampton based research and consultancy group which specialises in environmental data management,GIS services, analysis and processing.

Intelligence, Agents and Multimedia Group
The IAM group provides the pervasive and grid computing angle to the FloodNet project.

Multiple Access Communications (MAC) Ltd
MAC run simulation models and provides support for the sensors deployed in the field.

Halcrow Ltd
Halcrow utilize a number of models to provide a more robust and data aware flood model.

ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd
ABP integrate field monitoring, desktop and modelling studies with an understanding of the latest environmental legislation within the FloodNet project.

IBM provides the messaging and database services for FloodNet.

Related research elsewhere

The Sensor Web Project is a NASA project that consists of an independent network of wireless, intra-communicating sensor pods, deployed to monitor and explore a limitless range of environments.

Victoria Experimental Network Under the Sea (VENUS) is a project to conduct coastal oceanography and consists of a network of instruments in the ocean to observe the marine waters around southern Vancouver Island.

The goal of Project QPESUMS is to research, develop, and deploy multisensor precipitation algorithms that are adaptable to different types of weather for flash flood, river flood, agricultural, and water resources management applications.



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