SECOAS: Self-organizing Collegiate Sensor Networks


  • To discover and demonstrate decentralized algorithms that enable automated adaptation to failures, upgrades and requirement changes in a distributed network of micro-controllers (smart sensors)

  • To investigate and demonstrate novel cooperative adaptive data handling techniques

  • To explore methods for implementing locally intelligent sensors capable of dynamic self-configuration

  • To develop and test an appropriate control interface for scientific user communities

  • To demonstrate and prove the new technologies in a realistic application context

  • To undertake a major re-evaluation of environmental sensing field methodologies, and design new approaches that fully exploit the new technology.

  • The deployment area is the Scroby Sands Wind Farm for which we will be monitoring the sea bed movement

  • More details are available here at our project site hosted by University College London

The Target Architecture will have a number of sea bed nodes (SN) with radio coms buoys (SB)



BT Exact
University of Kent
Intelisys Ltd
University College London
Essex University
University of East Anglia